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How do I OPT-OUT of Buddies List Emails?
We hate to see you go . . . the BUDDIES LIST forum is the primary method of member-to-member communication and you'll find it easier to stay up on things happening with the club (rides, events, tips, etc.) if you remain in the forum. 

That being said . . . 

The simplest way to OPT-OUT of Buddies List Emails is to click the link in a BUDDIES email and edit your profile preferences (Forum Memberships).  If you don't have an email as a starting point, follow the instructions below:

Access your account online ( and update your preferences to disable BUDDIES forum emails.

Click the MEMBER LOGIN link in the top right section of the home page (you must be logged in to change preferences):

Enter your user name and password (if you don't know it, click forgot my username/password to have it reset):

Click the drop down arrow by your name (top) and click PROFILE:

Click FORUM MEMBERSHIPS (in the section at the bottom):

Click the YELLOW PENCIL to edit your PREFERENCES for the Buddies List forum (you may have fewer options than below):

UNCHECK the Send Email option to disable forum messages via email:

That's all there is to it!  You'll no longer receive BUDDIES LIST emails.