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We're ba-a-a-ck!  Come ride with us!

Check the ride calendar or talk to Bret and lead a ride.  Rain never looked this good!

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For for impromptu rides, join the Buddies List, a group open to the public and not an official part of VBC.
Not a member?  Please ride with us and if you like us, we hope you'll join us. (To renew, first log in, then click here. 



The Annual Ride Leader and Volunteer Appreciation Night  

Wednesday, January 25, 7pm 

Bortolami's Aero Room 

Laughs, awards, pizza and all your buddies will be there.  

If you're new, this club meeting would be a good time to come see what we're about.  

Hope to see YOU there!


Wow, VBC riders turned out for the Sock and Shoe Ride.
51 pairs of shoes and 81 pairs of socks will be donated

to people who need them
at Share House.




In this WINTRY weather--

Some of us are riding!

Some of us are testing Bourbon Ball recipes.

Some of us are building bikes.  50,000 of them.  OK, maybe it just felt like it.  The Annual Christmas Bike Build was the usual madhouse of bikey people working together for a good cause-- despite the transportation challenges. Many Clark County kids will be riding a new bike next year thanks to Waste Connections, Bike Clark County, Camas Bikes, VBC and friends.


Once Upon a Time...

Somebody (Devin?) got a great idea that we should ride an earlybird Saturday ride so we could then all go volunteer for the Walk and Knock.  So we did.  As you can see below, we had some dynamite volunteering going on.

But another group went rogue.

It started with Lucky Gus.  He was riding along at the back of his group, looked down at something green, and it was a twenty dollar bill!  Screeeech!  Next thing you know, Gus and his group are living the good life... at The Donut Nook.  Take a look for yourself.


 The first group finished the day with hearts full of the joy of giving.  The second group finished with stomachs full of the satisfaction of fritters.  Something for everyone if you ride with the VBC.  We aim to please.  Check our ride schedule and join us on a ride tomorrow, next week or sometime this month.  Just do it.



 Some people (Jim!) really get into the spirit and ride to the bike build in style:


Are you riding this winter?  

Don't forget Christine's motto:  Light up!


You don't have to adopt Christine's other motto, but it wouldn't hurt: "If I'm riding in the rain and have a choice, I want mud to go with it!" 

Things to consider:

  • Bike brakes are less effective when wet. Take it slower than normal and give yourself LOTS more time to stop. Or use disk brakes.
  • Metal, painted, and brick surfaces are slippery: train tracks, utility hole covers, painted markings, etc. As you cross them, keep bars straight, not turning, to avoid a slip.
  • Hands and feet, protect them!
  • Beware bike-eating puddles. Even little ones can hide nasty things like potholes, nails, or glass, which can cause a flat tire or a crash.
  • After your ride, tend to your rims, brakes, and chain. 

These handy tips came from Bike East Bay.  Google is your friend.  For more rain riding tips, explore it or check out these youtubes: (GCN- love these guys) (GCN)  

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Not a member?  That's OK!  Please ride with us and if you like us, we hope you'll join us.
(To renew, first log in, then click here.) 


Ride Safely, and Have Fun! 

Please read our expectations for safe riding behavior in our Safe Riding Policy.


"Want to join us?"
Come on out and ride your bike.
Helmets required. Doggies optional.

HELMET3  Rosie and MikeFIN

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