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We celebrated with "The Man".

Clay Kind



40 years of leading rides for our club

earns you the BIGGEST PARTY RIDE our club has ever thrown.

If you missed it, we have lots of pictures thanks to Angela, Beth, Brad, Dennis, Dick, Donna and the photo collage by Devin.

You can see them here:

Clay's morning-after look is strong.  Here he is about to take off for Camas on the Wheel Truth ride:


Highlights from his party:



Read Paul Danzer's article in the Columbian.  


SEPTEMBER.  End of summer, early fall riding in the Pacific Northwest.  

Check our September ride calendar.  We still have two evening rides and lots of other options.

Let's enjoy.

Bob at sunset 


vern turns 80


VBC Picnic - Sunday, August 21, 2016

It was 80 degrees and we had over 80 people.  Great fun and many thanks to all our organizers, crew, riders, and ride leaders.

See you all NEXT YEAR!  

(If you missed Peter, he said to say hi to all!)


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