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RACC registration is OPEN!  Ride with us Saturday, May 2, 2015!

These 5 Easy Steps Could Change Your Life –

  1. Take your HAND OFF THE MOUSE (beer, cup of kale smoothie).
  2. FIND a BOX.
  3. WALK to your CLOSET (garage, car or wherever you dump--neatly arrange-- bike gear).
  5. MEDITATION MANTRA (several minutes/seconds):

What bike stuff can I--

Ditch? Sell? Trade? Give away?

What: Bike Stuff Swap, March Club Mtg

When: Wednesday, March 11, 7pm

$$$-$$$$ Is your stuff expensive or specific to certain users?  Feel free to post a note to the Buddies List about your goodies to encourage the potential buyers to show up.  (There maybe be several bikes there.)

$-$$ Is your stuff good, but you don’t need it?  Post a price on it, make a deal, or give it as a freebie.

Special Women's Section

Reserve a table or half a table if you like.  Contact our Prez.

Nothing too small or too large.   C U there!

Also - Two lucky ride leaders will win chit winner coupons to VBC Business Friends of their choice and we'll discuss DriBarz with Jay Small!  

Veeery cool.  I want some!

Veeery cool. I want some!

While it might be cold and damp, it's still

Cool to ride!

Choose a ride and Come join us!

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Click here to read about our next club meeting  MARCH 11th.  It's a doozy!  It's swap meet time!

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Captain Billy says:


"Want to join us?"
Come on out and ride your bike.
Helmets required. Doggies optional.

HELMET3  Rosie and MikeFIN

Curious about us and our club?  See more on our About Us page.