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Next Club Gathering is Wednesday, September 19th!

Join us for a great evening on Wednesday, September 19th at 7pm.  Not yet a member?  Join us anyway!

Bortolami's Aero Room

9901 NE 7th Avenue # C200

Vancouver, WA 98686

If you weren't able to join us June 20th with author Daniel de Visé, you can still read his latest book about Greg LeMond. 

Reading about great people is always illuminating.  Reading about one in our favorite sport?  Even more so.  Want to support a local book store?  Visit Vintage Books just down Mill Plain from River Maiden.  Pet their cats, avoid shipping costs, and enjoy a great read.

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Note from your editor:  
I'm not an expert of cycling history.  Well-written books about great cyclists are more than a trivia game of who-won-what race in what year.  That's here, but the human dimension makes this book for me.  De Vise tells little stories explaining Greg's youth, competitors, physical differences, family, personal difficulties, and the extreme nature of his comeback after the shooting.  You will learn AND be entertained.  Plus the book comes with a money-back guarantee to make you faster. 

Next club gathering will be after RACC (August 18) and will be our club picnic, September 1.

The Comeback chronicles the life of one of America’s greatest athletes, from his roots in the windswept hills of Nevada's Washoe Valley to the heights of his global fame at the Tour de France. With a swift narrative drive and fierce attention to detail, Daniel de Visé reveals the dramatic, ultra-competitive inner world of a sport rarely glimpsed up close, and builds a compelling case for LeMond as its great American hero.
“The Comeback is an eye-popping ride, sweeping the reader through the extreme eccentricities of endurance cycling. But the heart of the story, the charismatic spirit and re-crowning of America’s authentic cycling champion Greg LeMond, is what makes you cheer through the pages.” -- Diana Nyad, author of Find a Way and the only person to swim between Cuba and the United States.

"De Visé offers a thrilling read and exciting history for cycling and non-cycling fans alike." -- Publishers Weekly

"Greg LeMond was Lance Armstrong before Lance Armstrong--and he won his three Tours de France WITHOUT cheating. The Comeback is the story of a true hero and his remarkable comeback to win arguably the most dramatic Tour de France in history. This is a must read if you believe in miracles." -- John Feinstein, bestselling author of Season on the Brink and The First Major.

“Once in a blue moon a sports book comes along appealing to a such a broad audience that it becomes a perennial favorite of neighborhood reading groups--Boys in the Boat and Seabiscuit being prime examples. Now make way for The Comeback by Daniel de Visé, a superbly well-crafted narrative. For devotees of the sport of bicycle racing, and for those with little knowledge of it, this book will satisfy in every way.” -- Paul Dickson, author of Bill Veeck and Leo Durocher.

“Greg LeMond is an American sporting hero whose story would surely be rejected by Hollywood as too fanciful. It includes taking on and beating the French at their own game, a near-fatal shooting, a career in apparently terminal decline, an extraordinary comeback, and a bitter feud with his successor. Remarkably, it’s all true, and The Comeback is the first book to document the full LeMond story in all its astonishing, scarcely credible detail.” -- Richard Moore, author of Slaying the Badger and host of The Cycling Podcast. 

"Daniel de Visé has written a gripping account of what is widely considered to be the greatest finish in Tour de France history. His meticulously researched story of the professional and personal life of LeMond is enhanced by compelling descriptions of the cast of heroes and villains who built him up….. and tried unsuccessfully to tear him down." -- Bob Bowen, president of the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame. 

"Daniel de Visé explores one of cycling’s epic duels, on the final day of the 1989 Tour de France when America’s Greg LeMond had recovered from a life-threatening shotgun blast to score a heroic come-from-behind triumph over France’s Laurent Fignon. In The Comeback, de Visé portrays the complex personalities of LeMond and Fignon in a narrative freighted with nuanced analyses, thorough research, and a narrative that rocks." -- Peter Joffre Nye, cycling historian, author of Hearts of Lions and The Fast Times of Albert Champion.

Join us for a great evening on Wednesday, June 20, 7pm.  Not yet a member?  Join us anyway!

Bortolami's Aero Room

9901 NE 7th Avenue # C200

Vancouver, WA 98686