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Explore routes below to familiarize yourself before ride day.  Maps and cues will be available online and at the start.  Note:  we freshened up our longer routes.  Enjoy!

The Century

Up for a challenge?  Choose our classic century with an all new section for 2019. Your summer legs need a workout, so we added another couple of hundred feet of elevation fun. Start the counter-clockwise loop traveling through 5 towns heading eastward first toward Camas, then around Lacamas Lake (rest stop), then north through the Hockinson hills (rest stop) to the *NEW* SPLIT at 219th StBe there by 11:30 to make sure you reach the remaining rest stops before they close. Continue north around Battle Ground Lake. After you pass the Heisson Store and head down to the river, you turn left on Lucia Falls Road to ride up our new hills in 2018, Kelly and Garner, into Yacolt, proceeding to the rest stop in Amboy. Riders head west and north through the scenic Cedar Creek / Lewis River area, and south via a *NEW* stretch with a downhill we know you'll love to La Center.  Just before the new Ridgefield Fire Station rest stop, there's a gotta-stop photo op with some serious Americana. The route continues west toward Ridgefield, then south through Felida to the mini-stop, and back to the finish for lunch and party!  Start window: 6 to 7 a.m. (5716' elevation)         RACC 100 2019 downloadable map/cue

The Metric

This loop travels east, around Lacamas Lake (first rest stop), then north through the hills of Hockinson (rest stop).  Take a *NEW* left turn on 219th St, waving goodbye to your friends riding the century as they turn right. Ride through Battle Ground, to the *NEW* Ridgefield Fire Station (rest stop).  Then it's west through Ridgefield, south through Felida (mini-stop), and back to the finish.  Start window: 6 to 7 a.m. (2278' elevationRACC 68 2019 Map/Cue

The Lacamas Loop

This loop travels east around Lacamas Lake (rest stop) and back to the start via Blandford Canyon, a shady downhill with considerable Wheeeee! factor. We added a mini-Wheeee just before the end because who doesn't need a couple of good Wheeees! on a ride, especially at the end.  Lots of fun. Start window: 8:30 to 10 a.m.  (1000' elevation) 
RACC 34 2019 Downloadable Map/Cue

The River Run

Entirely new route with half the elevation of last year!  We ride over the Confluence Land Bridge to the Old Apple Tree and along the new waterfront before heading up through Fruit Valley and out to the river and the rest stop at Frenchman's Bar.  Returning we take an older section of Lower River Road, plus riders can opt for 2 sections of trail that run parallel to the road, or possibly 3 by July if the newest trail is finished.  Back to the start through the National Historic Site grounds of Fort Vancouver to finish off your casual ride. Start window: 9 to 10:30 a.m.  (367' elevation) RACC 20 2019 Downloadable Map/Cue 

The Fabulous Fifty-Four

Ride The Lacamas Loop and then The River Run for a unique route that begin with the leg-stretcher 34-mile route around the lake with a rest stop midway.  On the return, stop by the start/finish again for a snack before the last 20 flatter miles, pedaling over the Land Bridge, through the new waterfront, and out to the river for the rest stop and river views at Frenchman's Bar.  Just a few less miles than The Metric but a lot less climbing and all the finish line food and fun!  Suggested start window: 7 to 8 a.m. (1367' elevation)