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Join us for the 2019 Ride of Silence and raise awareness for safe cycling in our community 

Council, Mayor, and City Manager,

We thank the city for adopting the Complete Streets Policy in 2017 and respect you for re-affirming your support for this safety project in a recent council meeting.  


Now we expect you to implement it, and we have two final points to offer you.


First, we hope you see the three significant differences between the Columbia Complete Streets project you voted to delay for a year and this pilot project, the East McLoughlin Safety Improvement Project. 

For this project---

1) Public Outreach: Staff listened to the public and significantly revised the McLoughlin plan after public feedback.  Parking was restored to the entire south side of the street, Grand to Brandt, as some residents wished. 

2) Consideration of other streets: While some people thought other streets should be further explored for Columbia, a 365-day delay to look for alternative streets is unnecessary for this project since there aren't any.  Mill Plain?  No.  13th Street?  No.  It is a steep hill with cobblestone pavement that people can barely drive, much less walk or bike. Planning staff considered 13th Street and rejected it.  McLoughlin is the only viable street.

3) Safer streets for all people:  Some criticized the Columbia project as not defining clearly enough safety benefits for people in cars and on foot. McLoughlin’s improvements as stated on the website and in the awarded $700,000 grant clearly include two safety measures supported by the residents of the street to calm traffic and make walking safer:  

*First - speed cushions on McLoughlin between Reserve Street and Brandt Road  

*Second – crosswalks with flashing beacons for people crossing the street at the intersections of McLoughlin at 13th Street (the first curve) and McLoughlin at 32nd Avenue (another curve).  Protected bike lanes in the project complete the goal of safety for all people by narrowing the street which we know slows people driving their cars.  McLoughlin would have designated places for all of us to be safe, making it less confusing and dangerous whether we are driving, riding, or walking.


These significant differences make any delay for McLoughlin inappropriate. 


Our second goal is that you see us as human beings who will benefit from these safety improvements.  We are more than the mode of transportation we’re using.  We are volunteers and engineers, grandmas and dads, gardeners and musicians, animal lovers and business owners, neighbors and coworkers, young and old. We are the city’s supporters of progress and ideas, and we appreciate innovative projects in our city’s present and future.


We humans all share the same transportation goals: to get somewhere and then to arrive back home.  Safely.  You have the power and the responsibility to help us do that.  

Planners have done their jobs well.  Now we look to you to do the same.


Signed by people you will be protecting:


Adrian Villegas - high schooler with Down Syndrome who loves to bike with the family

Alex Walkley - entrepreneur, traveler and animal lover

Amy Horstman - nature lover

Andy Chen - regular visitor to the 'Couve, Esther Short property owner, not interested in injury and/or premature demise by riding on unsafe roads

Angela Davis - wife to Sherman and mom to two young adult children Alex and Sydney, Copy Center Coordinator at the Camas School District, 3rd generation Clark County resident

Anita Cannell - retired teacher of English, Home Ec and P.E., mom, wife, grandparent, occasional gardener, avid reader, crossword addict

Ann Morrow - fellow human, paraeducator, President of NW Bicycle Safety Council, Host of public access television show, Cycology Today

Anna Danzer - lover of the outdoors and dogs

Anne Moyers – retired from teaching (love-of-my-life job) and Clark County resident for over 40 years

Bernardine Lim - hiker and outdoor lover

Bill Moyers – love my neighbors and neighborhood

Bob Link – neighbor

Bob Swenson - never met a mountain I didn’t need to hike around

Bob Verrinder- riding my bike when hit by a car in a lighted crosswalk

Bretagne Heither - wife, mother, blood donor, avid bike rider, cat mama, executive, and proud community member of SW WA

Brian Hammer - husband to Linda, insatiably fond of critters, 37-year Hughes / Raytheon retiree who was charmed by Clark County and decided to call it home

Britt Martens - gardener and cook

Carol Evans - mom, retired regional account exec of Organic Foods, now living the life my husband and I worked hard for and loving it

Carole Dollemore - homecookin’ granny

Carolyn Kalish - grandma and yoga Instructor 

Charles Shaw - retired tech., father to Julie and Matt, grandfather to Kale, Makoa, Kian and Aubree

Chris White - network architect and supporter of improving my home, the Couve!

Christine Toscano – musician

Cindi Rauch - gramma to 11 great kiddos and lover of fine hard ciders

Clay Kind – love biking on safe streets

Crystal Small - mom of two teens, coffee snob, and name a few

Dan Packard - dad, bus driver, woodworker, and piano player

Dennis Johnson - active retired civil servant

Devin Bowen - local business owner, husband, father

Don Orange - small business retired, husband, friend, father, activist

Donna Richardson - homeowner and slave to my yard

Dorothy Krahn – farmer, cook, animal lover

Eddie Villegas – my family and I like to ride our bikes together

Ellen Ives - recent, delighted grandmother

Eric Giacchino - dad, city first responder, scout leader

Erin Hanley - lover of Vancouver and being able to walk, bike and drive in harmony with all others sharing the city

Favian Villegas – high schooler

Gary Stark - love bicycling in friendly Vancouver. Here is hoping the city continues its good work.

Greg Shaw - reader and quilter

Gus Harmon - retired City of Vancouver Public Works employee (31 years), husband, father, and grandfather

Harry Schellhous - I retired after 43 years with Hilborn Fuel Injection and moved to Vancouver for a safe retirement as a great-grandfather. I’m 94 years old and still enjoy riding my bike.

Henrik Martens- avid news junkie

Holly Williams - devoted to making Vancouver an exceptional place to live

Jan Verrinder - wife to Bob, grandma to Josh and Jonas, niece to Dorothy and Durwood

Jason Poindexter - cycling enthusiast, caring father and husband

Jeff Faller - STP rider, developer of training, avid woodworker

Jennifer Van Atta - Urgent Care PA, new Vancouver homeowner, musician, artist, runner, mother of five and grandmother of seven

Jennifer Villegas – nurse and mother

Jerimi Boston - father, homeowner and resident of Vancouver

Jill Oshiro - retired engineer, lover of gadgets, outdoor enthusiast, family caretaker

Jim Thomas – city volunteer

Joe Cote - professor emeritus WSU and voter

Joe Duvall - retired from UPS, homeowner in Clark County

Joe Ghaffari - retired district superintendent, love the water front, and the city’s effort in Vancouver’s livability

Joe Toscano- intrepid traveler

John P. Kern - husband to Sheryl going on 25 years, retired U.S. Navy (21.5 years), retired U.S. Merchant Marines (25 years), volunteer at SW WA Humane Society

Judy Boyle - love my ShihTzu, Bentley, tap dancing, biking, and baking. Hate yard work, but I do it.  

Julie Hawthorne - your friend, neighbor, coworker who uses bike riding to combat the blues. Chocolate lover, sun worshiper, Netflix junkie, exercise addict wannabe

Karen Kemp - retired teacher and new grandma

Kari Schlosshauer - mom of two young boys, library lover, urban gardener, Columbia River paddler

Katherine Nitsch - retired speech pathologist, part time musician, kayaker, home owner, biker and gardener

Kathy Fockler - mom, wife, nurse and community volunteer

Ken Williams - tax payer

Kim Kathrein - tax payer

Laura Bullock - daily McLoughlin user, neighbor, GAL, gardener, grandma

Laurel Cripe – Vancouver Heights neighbor

Leah Jackson – business owner

Linda Hammer - wife to Brian, caregiver to every single critter that crosses my path and Clark County resident

Linda Mather - lover of hiking and walking, human mom to a Labradoodle, maker of jewelry, and happy retiree

Lynn Faller - mother, working professional, in charge of family fitness routines

Madeleine von Laue - animal and nature lover

Mary McLaren - nurse, lymphoma survivor

Mary Ann Teague - hiker and wildflower enthusiast, volunteer for Vancouver Audubon, Vancouver Bicycle Club, my neighborhood association, American Sewing Guild, sew for community service projects that benefit infants, children, elderly and cancer patients

Maurice Carroll - avid bike commuter (auto avoider) and health advocate

Michael Smith - artist and educator 

Midaya Villegas – middle schooler and beginner bike rider

Nancy Iannarone - mom and soon-to-be great aunt

Norman Farrell - musician, woodworker, non-profit volunteer

Pam Andrews - coordinator of clinical trials retired from OHSU, mother of three adults and grandmother of six cute pint-size citizens

Peggy Swenson - almost-retired nurse, lover of my garden and green space, hiker of mountains

Perry York – husband, retired from WinCo Foods, cyclist, pedestrian

Peter Van Tilburg - dad to 18 and 24-year-old kids

Philip Zuvanich - a good friend, maybe of yours when and if you need one

PJ Overton – in health and happiness

Preston Seu - retired and riding to stay alive

Rodger Lance - retired insurance agent.  Please help to prevent collisions.  Give us bike lanes.

Sally Butts - long-time Vancouver resident who is proud to call this place home

Sam Qanat - passionate about animals being treated with care and respect

Sara Angelo – community health advocate, natural networker and mama of two

Scott Yeager - writer, musician, and lover of life

Shairn Villa - school psychologist, mother of six, bicycle commuter, and somebody who doesn’t want to be hit by a car while I’m riding my bike

Sharon Branning - retired English, social studies, reading, and PE teacher, SW WA Humane Society volunteer, Blazer Booster Club secretary, former soccer and track coach, mother, grandmother

Sherman Davis - husband to Angela and dad to two young adult children, Alex and Sydney, Director of Technology at the Camas School District,  3rd generation Clark County resident

Sheryl Ingoe-Kern - wife of John,  housewife and mother of three children, resident of Vancouver 28 years, veteran of the U.S. Navy

Sheryl Thierry - children's advocate and crazy dog lady

Steve Baltazar - friend of many who cycle the roads in and around Clark County

Steve Rasmussen - bike riding, woodworking grandfather

Susan Shultz – Chiropractor

Sylvia Erdmann - retired federal employee, Clark County resident 27 years and outdoor enthusiast

Tess Ronquillo - retired HR State of Washington, grams to 5-year-old Lucas and 2-year-old Lincoln, love music and travel

Tom Dollemore - good-times grandpa

Tony Licata - husband, father of three, grandfather of seven, engineer, Fort Vancouver Lion, community volunteer, gardener, musician, woodworker

Vicki Nier – Clark College textbook buyer and part-time apple farmer

Victoria Rehfeldt - retired teacher, lifetime student, mom of two and gram of six, grateful for so many friends, and lover of all things outdoors



Wednesday, January 9th at 7 pm!

Join us to celebrate and recap 2018 and look ahead to 2019. We'll recognize our ride leaders and give out awards for exceptional member contributions!  Food (Pizza), fun and fellowship with your buddies.  Not yet a member?  Join us to find out more and get a sense of what we're all about!

Bortolami's Aero Room

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Wednesday, November 14th at 7 pm!

We'll have Jennifer Campos from the City of Vancouver join us to talk about several exciting projects coming up.  We'll also have an opportunity to contribute our hopes for our club's direction in 2019.  What opportunities can you imagine for us?  Come hear our plans and share your thoughts on how we can make this another great year!  Food, fun and fellowship with your buddies.  
Not yet a member?  Join us anyway!

Bortolami's Aero Room

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Club Gathering Wednesday, September 19th!

Join us for a great evening on Wednesday, September 19th at 7pm.  Not yet a member?  Join us anyway!

Bortolami's Aero Room

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Join us for an informative and entertaining evening with pulitzer-prize winning author Daniel de Visé!

The Comeback chronicles the life of one of America’s greatest athletes, from his roots in the windswept hills of Nevada's Washoe Valley to the heights of his global fame at the Tour de France. With a swift narrative drive and fierce attention to detail, Daniel de Visé reveals the dramatic, ultra-competitive inner world of a sport rarely glimpsed up close, and builds a compelling case for LeMond as its great American hero.
“The Comeback is an eye-popping ride, sweeping the reader through the extreme eccentricities of endurance cycling. But the heart of the story, the charismatic spirit and re-crowning of America’s authentic cycling champion Greg LeMond, is what makes you cheer through the pages.” -- Diana Nyad, author of Find a Way and the only person to swim between Cuba and the United States.

"De Visé offers a thrilling read and exciting history for cycling and non-cycling fans alike." -- Publishers Weekly

"Greg LeMond was Lance Armstrong before Lance Armstrong--and he won his three Tours de France WITHOUT cheating. The Comeback is the story of a true hero and his remarkable comeback to win arguably the most dramatic Tour de France in history. This is a must read if you believe in miracles." -- John Feinstein, bestselling author of Season on the Brink and The First Major.

“Once in a blue moon a sports book comes along appealing to a such a broad audience that it becomes a perennial favorite of neighborhood reading groups--Boys in the Boat and Seabiscuit being prime examples. Now make way for The Comeback by Daniel de Visé, a superbly well-crafted narrative. For devotees of the sport of bicycle racing, and for those with little knowledge of it, this book will satisfy in every way.” -- Paul Dickson, author of Bill Veeck and Leo Durocher.

“Greg LeMond is an American sporting hero whose story would surely be rejected by Hollywood as too fanciful. It includes taking on and beating the French at their own game, a near-fatal shooting, a career in apparently terminal decline, an extraordinary comeback, and a bitter feud with his successor. Remarkably, it’s all true, and The Comeback is the first book to document the full LeMond story in all its astonishing, scarcely credible detail.” -- Richard Moore, author of Slaying the Badger and host of The Cycling Podcast. 

"Daniel de Visé has written a gripping account of what is widely considered to be the greatest finish in Tour de France history. His meticulously researched story of the professional and personal life of LeMond is enhanced by compelling descriptions of the cast of heroes and villains who built him up….. and tried unsuccessfully to tear him down." -- Bob Bowen, president of the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame. 

"Daniel de Visé explores one of cycling’s epic duels, on the final day of the 1989 Tour de France when America’s Greg LeMond had recovered from a life-threatening shotgun blast to score a heroic come-from-behind triumph over France’s Laurent Fignon. In The Comeback, de Visé portrays the complex personalities of LeMond and Fignon in a narrative freighted with nuanced analyses, thorough research, and a narrative that rocks." -- Peter Joffre Nye, cycling historian, author of Hearts of Lions and The Fast Times of Albert Champion.

Join us for a great evening on Wednesday, June 20, 7pm.  Not yet a member?  Join us anyway!

Bortolami's Aero Room

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Joe “Metal Cowboy” Kurmaskie presents the unbelievable but true story of cycling's female Jackie Robinson meets Inglorious Bastards. A racing phenom and record breaker barred from racing head to head with men and fulfilling her dream of competing in the Tour de France. Evelyn fought sexism, actual Nazis and her own ambitions to become a war hero and a beacon of humanity. A blazing equality pioneer and champion on and off the bike. 

The long, untamed life of Evelyn Hamilton was nearly lost to the sands of time, until one photo set author and travel adventure writer, Joe Kurmaskie on a global literary treasure hunt.  
Four years later his screenplay's been optioned by Alsea Entertainment, and book in progress completed and set for a 2019 release. 

A presentation that will blow your mind and inspire you to cycle with abandonment AND fight for a better world. Vintage videos, private collection slides, and a lively retelling of this British emancipated warrior of cycling who literally held the fate of the world hidden in her handlebars. Q&A at end. More info on life and times at

Join us for a great evening on Wednesday, March 14, 7pm.  Not yet a member?  Join us anyway!

Bortolami's Aero Room

9901 NE 7th Avenue # C200

Vancouver, WA 98686