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VBC Lending Library

The VBC now has a lending library of over 100 cycling related books and DVD's for your reading and viewing pleasure.

Items in the VBC Library are available to VBC Club Members only by checking them out at a club meeting. Or e-mail Steve Baltazar to arrange for a pick-up in between club meetings. Anyone planning on bicycle touring in the Pacific Northwest could benefit from looking at the books we have on touring and bicycling back roads. Our list also includes titles on maintenance, training, history, motivating excursions others have done, road biking, mountain biking, etc. Again, all are cycling related. No need to buy a book if you can borrow one for free. Or if you were thinking of buying a book, borrow ours to help decide. And if you have any books, CDs or DVDs to help us grow our library, contact Steve. Donations should be cycling related and in good condition. Magazines are not needed. Click here to download our current list of available materials (pdf format).