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Time Trials for the 2016 season are likely CANCELLED...

Time Trials for the 2016 season are most likely CANCELLED due to additional traffic safety issues that have developed at the Vancouver Lake location over the last couple of years

We have not given up, in fact we plan to have a new team looking into ways to make the time trials happen again in a safe manner.  We don't know when or how yet.  If you have any ideas or input or if you know of a location with the following criteria, please email

  • 5 miles of good asphalt
  • LOW traffic!
  • NO stop signs or intersections
  • As few driveways as possible
  • Areas for parking and registration – preferably by the Start/Finish lines
  • Easy for participants to get to

 If you joined VBC expressly for Time Trials and would like a refund of your dues, please email


9.64-mile Course - Flat, Fast, Out & Back


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Already know what a time trial is?  If not, it’s a race against the clock over a fixed distance.  You need to be a member of VBC to ride it, but non-members can race for free the first time.  We have registration forms so you can sign up there with cash or check. 

HOW DOES IT WORK?  You sign in, receive your start number and tie it around your waist so the number is visible from behind.  Then it’s time to either use a trainer or pre-ride the course to warm up your legs.  A few moments before the start, all riders line up at the start line according to their assigned numbers.  When it’s your turn to start, we hold your bike so you can clip in and be ready to blast off!  The timer will countdown to your start, and then you’re off for a race of truth (so called as you are racing without the benefit of drafting).

WHO ARE THE RIDERS?  We have a good number of participants of all ages and abilities who ride this event.  You will normally find easy-to-talk-to people who will be happy to answer your questions or give great advice. 

KNOW THE RULES:   drafting another rider is not allowed; helmets are required. 

WHY SHOULD YOU RIDE TT'S?  Since these rides repeat weekly, it’s a great opportunity to test yourself to see how much you can improve your time.  This is the easiest form of competitive riding, and you don’t need any special equipment to participate. 

Volunteers and spectators are always welcome!

NOTE: We try not to cancel, but when we must we try to post on this VBC/TT webpage by 8 a.m. day of TT. 

Hosted by the Vancouver Bicycle Club

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  • Helmets required - Numbers furnished
    No drafting - passing on left side only
    Start order is based on sign-up order
    17 races - $15 annual dues*

    START Line: Approx 4.7 miles northwest of I-5 via either Mill Plain or Fourth Plain. Look for VBC TT Start Line banner on the fence.
    FINISH LINE: Directly across Lower River Road from the start line.

    PARKING: Either on OLD Lower River Road directly across from the start line - or at Vancouver Lake Crew lot, 0.2 mile past the start line towards Vancouver Lake. (Watch for Vancouver Lake Crew sign and a VBC Parking banner on the fence just prior. A portipotty is located there.) No security is provided - take appropriate precautions.
    *Please note! Due to VBC's new insurance policy, all participants must be club members (annual $15 fee). You can join online here OR just come down to time trials and join there. A VBC membership includes discounts at many area bike-related businesses and restaurants, the club picnic and pizza night, and supports cycling legislation.

    For further information contact Nancy Cook @ 360/903-7280

    Converting Your Time Trial Results to Average MPH:
    Convert your TT time to seconds (for example: 22:31 would be 22 minutes x 60 = 1320 seconds plus 31 or 1351 seconds)
    Divide 3600 (# of seconds in an hour) by your total seconds (ex: 3600 divided by 1351 = 2.66)
    Multiple by the # of miles (ex: 2.66 x 10 = 26.64 Average MPH)